Piano class

for pianists up to 28 years

Pianist Lukáš Vondráček is an absolute winner of the Queen Elisabeth competition. For the very first time he opens his piano class at the Ševčík Academy and invites young talented musicians to join him.

What do we offer?


Music education

The core of the education are lessons with Lukáš Vondráček. These take the form of both public master classes and private lessons.


Festival concerts

Students of the academy will have the opportunity to perform at concerts held during the festival, and free admission to all festival concerts.


Individual approach

The Academy’s mission is to support and further the development of every student, whether by focusing on instrumental technique or by learning the traditional repertoire.


Personal development

As a new feature, we will be offering popular presentations on the topic of personal development.



Lectures and seminars, on the life and work of Otakar Ševčík and instrumental technique in general, are an integral part of the Ševčík Academy.



Students will perform on the Steinway piano and have another good quality instruments at their disposal for practicing.


Accompanying program

During the Academy, attendees will be able to visit an exhibit on conductor Václav Talich or visit other open masterclasses.


Sport and leisure activities

There will be a sports program, led by interns, which will feature a ping pong tournament, football matches, and nature walks.


Accommodation and meals

Student housing is located within easy walking distance of all the Academy’s activities and students will take their meals together with the teachers at Hotel Prácheň.


Useful Information


  • The recommended day of arrival is on Tuesday, August the 10th, 2021. On the same day, between 10 and 12 AM the registration of the attendees will take place in the Art Nouveau hall of Hotel Prácheň.
  • The closing concert will take place on Thursday, August the 16th, 2021 at 8 PM at the Castle Horažďovice
  • The departure of all participants is on Tuesday 17th August 2021
  • The latest deadline for the registration through the online form is the 23rd of July 2021


All students will be accommodated within the premises of the former Franciscan monastery which is now the residence of the Horažďovice High School’s boarding houses. Within the same compound (in a direct proximity to the accommodation), there is an Elementary Art School which provides an alternative opportunity for practice. Hotel Prácheň, one of the centers of the Ševčík Academy’s activities, is about 1-minute walk away from the accommodation, and Horažďovice’s main square and the palace, where other parts of the programme take place, are less than 5-minute walk away from the accommodation.


Both the students and the lecturers will be provided with breakfasts, lunches and dinners in Hotel Prácheň which has a superb restaurant at its disposal. The meals are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and people with intolerances and allergies as well.


  • By bus: We recommend a direct bus connection from Prague (2 hours).
  • By train: We recommend to take a link from Prague with a transfer in Pilsen (2, 5 hour).
  • By car: from Pilsen (1 hour), from Prague (2 hours), from Munich (3 hours) or from Vienna (3, 5 hours).

Pedagogical supervision

In case of acceptance of an exceptional talent under the age of 18 years, supervision will be provided. Nevertheless, students attend the classes individually. For this reason, every underage participant has to submit a Consent of a Legal Representative regarding the agreement with individual lessons attendance at the arrival.

Piano class 2021

date 10th–17th August 2021
  • Music education
  • Festival concerts
  • Individual approach
  • Personal development
  • Lectures
  • Instruments
  • Accompanying program
  • Sport and leisure activities
  • Accommodation and meals
620 € / 760 USD
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