Jiřina Marešová

Collaborative piano

Jiřina Marešová

Among the most interesting Czech musical personalities, Jiřina Marešová impresses with the breadth of her activities. She has established herself among the best organists in the field of early and contemporary music, but perhaps even more so in free improvisation, which is currently the focus of her work. She is a sought-after chamber musician and shares her experience in her teaching work.

She studied organ at the Prague Conservatoire under Prof. Josef Popelka and at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague under doc. Jaroslav Tůma. She owes her introduction to the world of improvisation to Prof. Jaroslav Vodrázek. She continued her studies at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg in the class of Prof. Wolfgang Zerer, as part of her doctoral studies at the HAMU in Prague and at numerous master classes (Germany, France, Austria, Poland) focused on the stylistic interpretation of early music and improvisation. He is currently a teacher at the HAMU and the Department of Music Education at the Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague, and participates in the educational programmes of the Czech Philharmonic.

Her participation in the finals of the International Competition in Organ Improvisation in Schlägl, Austria (2004) and in the semi-finals of the Prague Spring Competition (2006) confirmed her uniqueness. She has given concerts at major music festivals (Smetanova Litomyšl, Teatrum Kuks, Prague Music Performance, Festival of Baroque Arts Český Krumlov, Czech Organ Festival, Orlicko-Kladsko Organ Festival, Organ Sounding, etc.). He has collaborated with outstanding soloists (Simona Šaturová, Jana Semerádová, Vilém Veverka, Pavel Šporcl, etc.), major orchestras (Czech Philharmonic, SOČR) and ensembles (Collegium Marianum, Musica Florea, Hof-Musici, Praga Camerata, Ensemble Lucis, etc.). She has premiered a number of works by contemporary Czech composers (I. Kurz, L. Matoušek, Z. Zahradník, I. Acher ad. She participates in artistic projects with theatre companies (e.g. at the Prague National Theatre, Švand Theatre, etc.), dancers (+420 People, historical dances) and artists.

As part of the Historical Organs of Bohemia and Moravia project, she records for Czech Radio and has recorded over ten CDs of solo, chamber and original music.