Otakar Ševčík Seminar

The name of Otakar Ševčík is world-famous, but only a little fraction is known about his life and especially about his ingenious Ševčík method, which until today attracts students and teachers all over the world.

From the 9th to the 12th of August 2022 teachers and other Ševčík enthusiasts are invited to Horažďovice to attend the first international seminar on Otakar Ševčík ever. Every day there will be an opportunity for the visitors to attend public masterclasses. They will have an exclusive access to the private part; individual lectures or creative workshops with small children. The seminars will focus on the life and work of Otakar Ševčík and the theme of the instrument methodology generally.

Teachers, who will have brought their instruments with them, will be welcomed to participate in a collective performance of the Š experimental orchestra which will be taking place in the evening. The collective concert will be the climax of this part of the program.

For a little extra price teachers can enjoy full board and the accommodation.

What do we offer?



Every day teachers and all interested persons will have a chance to learn something about Ševčík’s life and work.


Unlimited access to the classes

The academy will be partly nonpublic and only teachers will have a chance to see any lesson they want.


Individual consultations

Teachers will be meeting every day the lecturers and are welcome to discuss selected topics with them.


Orchestr Š

Seminar attendees can also play together with all lecturers and students in an experimental Orchestra Š.


Festival concerts

In the price are included tickets to all concerts with reservation of best seats and VIP access.

Seminar Schedule

9th August – 12th August 2022

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  • seminars
  • public masterclasses
  • concerts
  • accompanying program

    detailed program will be sent to applicants or those, who are interested
  • Otakar Ševčík Seminar 2022

    date 9th–12th August 2022
    • Seminars
    • Unlimited access to the classes
    • Individual consultations
    • Orchestr Š
    • Festival concerts
    120€ / 130 USD
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